Badges awarded from Passport (22)

  • 560 Online - Interactive Module

    This badge will concentrate on designing, developing, producing and evaluating an interactive module of instruction. The module will consist of a variety of instructional activities that orient, motivate, engage, and assess, as well as provide the instructional materials to the learners. The completed module will: have content selected by the developer based on his/her need, expertise, desire, etc., successfully integrate various forms of technology in the design, development, and implementation process, and will be designed to be self-instructional. Purpose: This badge offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your instructional design capabilities as you plan and create the instructional module. It will require your expertise in the use of various technologies to investigate, design, and deliver the module, as well as the ability to select and integrate the proper technologies to engage and assess the learning of your audience. To give you a solid idea of what this interactive module is all about, watch this screencast and I will walk you through an example from education. Here the target audience is 9th grade English students and the focus of the module is on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Here is another screencast of a module that is more focused on a training audience (food safety). Background Scenario: Recently you began the process of looking for a new instructional design position. To prepare for eventual interviews, you want to be able to demonstrate your design capabilities, as well as your ability to select and integrate various forms of technology within the design and implementation processes. For the potential interviews, you decide to develop a self-instructional module that demonstrates your design capabilities. The content of your module is based on a topic of your choice but it will be something that your potential employer can review and use on his own (without you being present) and it will demonstrate your design skills, as well as your ability to integrate various forms of technology in an effective manner.

  • LDT Online: EDpuzzle

    EDpuzzle is a video editing tool that allows you to customize preexisting video files. It allows you to cut down/crop a video, add audio or narration to a video, insert quiz questions to evaluate student learning, and monitor student viewer history.​

  • LDT Online: Wix

    Wix is a flash-based website builder tool used to create your own website, blog or online store. There are a variety of templates that can be used for blog, business, portfolio, etc.​

  • LDT Online: Mindmeister

    Mindmeister allows you to brainstorm and collaboratively create mind maps. It provides a visual communication platform that allows you to visualize your thinking. The map can highlight how items/concepts are related and linked, as well as include pictures, links, audio clips, videos, etc.

  • LDT Online: Animoto

    Animoto is a tool that allows you to create and edit professional videos on computers and mobile devices. ​

  • LDT Online: Creately

    Creately is a brainstorming, diagramming, and charting tool that allows collaboration among multiple individuals. It provides a visual communication platform that can be used to create flowcharts, Gantt charts, organization charts, and even info-graphics.

  • LDT Online: Diigo

    Diigo is a social bookmarking tool which allows you to research, highlight text information, and take personal notes on web pages found on the Internet. Moreover, you can bookmark, tag, and save this information for later review or for sharing with others where they can view the annotations, as well as add their own. Diigo (pronounced Dee’go) stands for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.”

  • Welcome to EDCI 56000-Online

    The purposes of this Welcome badge include the following: It gives us a chance to give you a vision of what this course is all about and how you will proceed through the course; It provides an overview of Passport and how badges are accessed, reviewed, completed, and awarded; It is an opportunity for you to experience working within the digital badge environment, learning how challenges are addressed, and how responses are submitted; It offers a means whereby you can introduce yourself and we can get to know you a bit better; and It gives you the chance to develop and try out your screencasting skills.

  • LDT Online: Popplet

    Popplet is a tool designed to help you create graphic organizers, mind maps, concept maps and with other brainstorming efforts. ​

  • LDT Online: SoundCloud

    SoundCloud allows for the uploading and playback of audio recordings. This is a simple way to feature short audio podcasts and quickly share them.

  • LDT Online: Prezi

    Prezi Next is a presentation and storytelling tool. It allows ideas and information to be presented on a virtual canvas and users zoom in and out as they read, watch, or listen to content elements that are presented and accessed.

  • LDT Online: Poll Everywhere

    Poll Everywhere is an online voting tool that allows responses from audience members in a class, presentation, conference, etc to be gathered and analyzed in real time. These polls can be responded to by participants via text messaging or website from various locations.

  • LDT Online: PowToon

    PowToon is a tool that allows people with no design or animation experience to create engaging animated presentations and explainer videos. These videos can then be shared to any number of social media websites (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) or exported to YouTube (depending on the plan purchased). ​

  • LDT Online: Screencast-O-Matic

    Screencast-O-Matic is a user-friendly screen and webcam recorder to allows you to create and share screen recordings. Your created videos can be directly exported to YouTube or saved to your PC. ​

  • LDT Online: PowerPoint

    PowerPoint is a tool that allows you to create slide show presentations with text, pictures, animation, shapes, charts, and graphs. It is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. ​

  • LDT Online: Socrative

    Socrative is a tool that allows you to create formative assessments that immediately measures and visualizes student results. Students respond to Socrative questions (true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and open-response) with a computer, tablet, or phone over the internet. Socrative then provides the teacher with various types of reports on students’ performance. ​

  • LDT Online: Kahoot!

    Kahoot! is a tool that allows you to ‘gamify’ your classroom or lecture by creating discussions, surveys, or multiple-choice quiz-games (called ‘kahoots’) to assess learning. Students respond to kahoot questions with a computer, tablet, or phone over the internet. Kahoot! then provides the teacher with data reports on students’ performance. ​

  • LDT Online: Jing

    Jing is a useful tool to create screen captures and video screencasts and easily share them with others. With this tool you can take a picture/capture what is on your screen and then highlight the picture by adding text, boxes, arrows, etc. In addition, you can also create a video of what is occurring on the screen as well as include voice narration given through a microphone. The video or screen shot can be emailed or uploaded to the web, the computer, or FTP. ​

  • LDT Online: Weebly

    Weebly is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create your own website, blog and/or online store. You can drag and drop images and text onto your page and then publish it. You can also create, manage and edit your website with iPhone, iPad and Android applications. ​

  • LDT Online: iMovie

    iMovie is a video editing software that gives you the ability to create and edit videos and then publish them to YouTube, Facebook, and other similar services. iMovie is for use on Macs and iOS.

  • LDT Online: Piktochart

    Piktochart is a tool that allows you to create infographics easily. Infographics are visual representations (e.g., diagram, chart) of data or information.

  • LDT Online: Padlet

    Padlet is a digital pinboard that allows to you create a "wall" where you can easily collaborate with others and share discussions, ideas, documents, videos, and web links, as well as post notices and collect feedback.​


Third Grade Teacher- Nineveh Hensley Jackson United School Corporation