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LDT Online: Edublogs

LDT Online: Edublogs

Christopher Christopher Hernandez earned this badge on Mar 30, 2019

Edublogs is a web blogging tool that allows you to create your own digital blog and personal website for various purposes. You can insert images, texts, videos, and links on your page and then publish it. You can also share ideas/information and interact with others by using comments.


  • Using Edublogs

    Step-by-step instructions for completing this challenge 

    1. Review these Edublogs tutorials 
    1. Go to the Edublogs website to get started
    2. Complete each of the following:
      • Create a free account
      • Choose a subject for your blog
      • Go to ‘customize’ page and change the title of your blog
      • Choose a theme that fits your subject
      • Create at least 3 pages in addition to the home page
        • One "about" page that includes information about yourself and the blog. 
        • Two other pages that are related to your theme.
      • On each page, add appropriate titles, text, images, hyperlinks, etc.
        • Integrate a minimum of 2 related images that capture attention and add to the clarity of your message/information
        • Add links to relevant external websites/pages
        • Embed at least one appropriate video (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)
      • On each page, write a summary or short clarification to explain what each element is and why it was included
    • Professional Format
      • Use titles, appropriate heading formats, and line spacing to organize your text on the page.
      • When appropriate, use sub-headings
      • Heading sizes for each level should be consistent throughout the site.
      • Those who view the page should be able to understand the organization of a page instantly. Most importantly, navigation through the site should be easy to understand and easy to complete (i.e., all links work).
      • The body of your text should be aligned left most of the time. Avoid centered text, except possibly for captions and titles. However, even for captions and title, left-aligned text will often look better. Occasionally right aligned text is appropriate.
      • Keep it clean and concise – don’t bury those that view your pages with too much information on any one page.

    Deliverables for this challenge

    • A link to a well-conceived themed blog or website e-portfolio. A themed blog should focus on teaching some content of interests, e.g. 2nd-grade algebra. A website e-portfolio should focus on presenting the authors’ teaching experiences, research interests, or other skills. Either the themed blog or website e-portfolio should contain the following elements: 
      • A relevant name
      • A minimum of 4 pages including the homepage, an About page, and at least 2 additional pages
      • Text: Aligned appropriately. The layout of texts makes the pages easy to read.
      • At least relevant/appropriate 2 images and 1 video are embedded
      • At least 1 link to an external page

    Learning Outcomes

    I have created an extension to my website using this tool. It's intended use is as a members-only forum, but for the sake of this challenge, it shall remain public.

    The site is named to mirror my site in order to avoid confusion (relevant link)

    Images are located on 2 different pages, about and gamify.

    Tutorials has an embed video.

    The resources and about pages contain outbound links.

  • Value of Edublogs

    Edublogs can be used by both teachers and learners. 

    Teacher perspective

    Using your selected course theme as the content, reflect on and then explain how a teacher could use Edublogs. Write one or more paragraphs describing how a teacher could use this app to gather, organize, prepare, and present your theme’s information.  Which features would be the most useful from a teacher’s perspective?  Also, describe any potential challenges that may be encountered.

    Student perspective

    If a student had the assignment to learn some aspect of your selected course theme, how could Edublogs be used to help in the processes of studying, reflecting, and learning? How could it help the student be more engaged? Write a paragraph or more that describes how a learner studying content about your course theme would use this app to facilitate his or her learning experience.  NOTE:  In your response, make sure you consider not only how a student would use and learn from receiving a media, but also how the student might grow and learn by creating a Edublogs website about your theme’s content.

    Use the open text area to submit your reflective response. As a suggestion, you may want to first compose your response in a word processed document, check for all editing that needs to be completed, save your response so that you can access it later, if needed, and then copy and paste your response in the open text area for this challenge.

    Criteria for successful completion of this challenge

    • Responses are posted correctly in the open text area of this challenge
    • Written responses are clear and concise with proper grammar and spelling.
    • Written responses refer to and integrate the selected course theme.
    • The teacher perspective response highlights several key features of the app that could be used and creatively describes how and why those features should be effective, as well as potential challenges from using this app’s features. 
    • The student perspective response highlights the app’s key features and explains clearly why they would be effective. It also includes an explanation of the potential benefits/challenges of having students learn by reviewing a Edublogs website as well as by the potential learning from creating a Edublogs website about the target content. In particular, it highlights how student engagement could be impacted.

    Deliverables for this challenge

    • A minimum of one clear and concise paragraph describing the use of Edublogs from a teacher’s perspective (this also includes potential challenges). 
    • A minimum of one paragraph focusing on the use of this app from a learner’s perspective.
    • Both paragraphs need to integrate content from your selected course theme. 

    Edublogs is a great free tool that can be a great asset to both educators and learners

    From an education standpoint, edublogs can be used in a multitude of ways for student learning. Educators can use this to create a virtual classroom and blog for their students. As a supplement to class, the edublog can contain important documents such as the syllabus and project guidelines. The blog function could then be used to further explain classroom curriculum and as a place to provide homework. Taking this one step further, educators who specialize in K-8 classrooms could create an online forum for parents to log into. This would allow parents to have an online space that helps bridge the gap between home and school.

    From a learner perspective, this could be a fantastic resource. Learners could potentially have a place to return to in order to check due dates, see assignments, and much more. Since time in class is limited, an educator who further explains classroom topics enables students to stay ahead of the curve and finish the full curriculum in time. However, this does have it's drawbacks as well. There will always be a learning curve that comes with using online tools. If an educator has already built out his entire course online, students might find it difficult navigating resources that date back before the most recent post. Also, in regards to print vs online, all learners are different and many benefit from print materials rather than online materials.