Technical Standards Integrator:  Proficient Level

Technical Standards Integrator: Proficient Level

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Students working through this badge will demonstrate a high level of familiarity with standards and the ability to extract and apply information from those standards to test, improve, or design products.  Instructional content from the his badge is located here: 

Students will demonstrate their ability to Integrate information from standards through a case study analysis (see here for examples).

This badge is an extension of Technical Standards Explorer:  Developing Level, which we suggest you complete before beginning this badge. 

Contact Prof. Margaret Phillips ( with any questions and to request a review upon submission of your badge materials.


  • Technical Standards Case Study
    Select a commonplace item such as a stove, microwave, automobile, etc. that you interact with regularly and identify how standards impact the design, manufacturing, or testing of this item.
    • Upon researching and locating some of the technical standards associated with this item, select one and develop an in-depth written case study that highlights how the technical content within this standard drives the design, manufacturing, or testing process.
    • If you cover more than one area (i.e. you write about design and testing) you should use section headers to separate the areas being analyzed.
    • Utilize images of the item to help clarify your analysis.
    • When selecting sources, work to find high quality, primary sources whenever possible, and ensure that you cite your sources appropriately.
      • Consider utilizing websites from professional organizations rather than for-profit advertising and vendor websites unless there are no other options for the material,
      • Use ebooks and articles from the Libraries collections whenever possible.
      • For images, you should work to develop your own original images rather than pulling them from a source.
    •  Utilize APA formatting for all citations (images, graphs/charts, and direct quotes).
    • The analysis should be 2-3 pages in length, with a deep dive into the technical content.

    Learning Outcomes