Technical Standards Explorer: Developing Level

Technical Standards Explorer: Developing Level

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Working through this badge provides a basic introduction to and appreciation of technical standards, which are integral to the development and production of products in our modern econmy.   Instructional content for this badge is located here:  This badge provides a place for the badge earner to demonstrate their mastery of the content through a document that analyzes two standards on a variety of criteria.  This badge shows an developing mastery of understanding and utilizing technical standards.  We also provide a Technical Standards Integrator:  Proficient Level badge that certifies a higher level of expertise working with technical standards. 

Contact Prof. Margaret Phillips ( with any questions and to request a review upon submission of your badge materials.


  • Searching for Standards

    Locate and access two standards related to an everyday object, like a USB drive, a credit card, or a screwdriver. You cannot use any of the items we discussed at the workshop for the Krannert Purdue Marketing Association - you must come up with two items on your own.

    For this challenge submit a search log for the standards you located. 

    Your log should include a list of the search terms you used, what database/search engine(s), and how you revised your search to narrow your results.  You should also include a brief summary of how you selected the standards you used for your final project from your search results.

    Learning Outcomes

    Efficiently and effectively locate relevant standards for a particular problem/project.
  • Standards Exploration

    Using the two standards from your first challenge, demonstrate your understanding of technical standards by composing and uploading a document that includes the following information about each standard:

    • Complete and correct citations for the standard
    • Correct classification of the standard as design, performance, and/or testing
    • Brief summary of the information in the standard relevant to the chosen object (i.e., how would you apply the standard to the manufacturing or use of the object)
    • Proper identification of the SDO (Standards Developing Organization) who created the standard
    • Brief background information on the SDO that describes the purpose of the SDO and its importance to the industry that created the object you chose

    Learning Outcomes