BNC 202 - Solvent Cleaning

BNC 202 - Solvent Cleaning

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A training module to relay information regarding proper solvent cleaning of items typically used within the Birck Nanotechnology Cleanroom.


  • 1/3: Slides

    Challenge Type: Task and E-Signature

    Read the BNC 202 slides, and certify that you have done so.

  • 2/3: Video

    Challenge Type: Task and E-Signature

    Watch the BNC 202 video.

  • 3/3: Quiz

    Challenge Type: Comprehension Check

    • Pass the 11 question multiple choice quiz on content from the BNC 202 slides and BNC 202 video with an 80% or better. Feel free to refer to these during the quiz, if needed.
    • Choose the most correct answer to each question.
    • The quiz may be retaken once, if needed.
    • If you fail to obtain an 80% after a second attempt on the quiz, your submission must be manually reset. Email Dan Hosler ( with the subject line "BNC 202 Quiz Reset" to setup a meeting to discuss any points of confusion and reset your submission.