BNC 200 - Cleanroom Process Review

BNC 200 - Cleanroom Process Review

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A process questionnaire and discussion for new BNC cleanroom users about their intended work.

    Badge Prerequisites

    • BNC 111 - Birck Orientation and Safety TrainingBNC 111 - Birck Orientation and Safety Training

      An orientation class for all new users working at the Birck Nanotechnology Center. BNC 111 is required to obtain after-hours, office, or laboratory access to BNC. The final challenge is an in person meeting where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate your understanding of the emergency and safety material presented.

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    • 1/2: 200 - Questionnaire

      Challenge Type: Task and Upload

      New users will fill out and submit a questionnaire describing their intended process requirements in detail. Please include a cross-sectional drawing of the intended final device, a sequential process list, and information about material composition and thicknesses.

      Download the new cleanroom user questionnaire here.

      See below for an example of a completed form:

      After submission, the questionnaire will be reviewed by BNC staff, who will recommended any required or recommended changes in an iterative process. Once the submission is revised (as needed, if needed) and approved, this first challenge will be mark completed by BNC staff.

    • 2/2: 200 - Meeting

      Challenge Type: Open Text and In-Person

      After your submission to Challenge #1: Questionnaire has been approved, watch the BNC 200 - Birck Online Resources video (to get an overview of the BNC Website, the BNCWiki, and iLab), and then schedule a time slot for a BNC 200 virtual meeting.

      The meeting will be a virtual, one-on-one Microsoft Teams meeting with a BNC staff member (currently Justin Wirth, where you'll briefly present your questionnaire, and have a chance to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. Please have your questionnaire ready to screen share when the meeting begins.

      After you have earned all prerequisite badges and completed all previous challenges for this badge, begin this challenge to see scheduling instructions.