BNC 111 - Birck Orientation and Safety Training

BNC 111 - Birck Orientation and Safety Training

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An orientation class for all new users working at the Birck Nanotechnology Center. BNC 111 is required to obtain after-hours, office, or laboratory access to BNC. The final challenge is an in person meeting where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate your understanding of the emergency and safety material presented.

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  • 1/5: Slides & CHP

    Challenge Type: Task and E-Signature

    Review the BNC 111 slides and the Chemical Hygeine Plan (CHP) preparred by Purdue University Radiological and Environmental Management, and certify that you have done so. Please direct any questions to Ron Reger.

  • 2/5: Quiz

    Challenge Type: Comprehension Check

    • Pass the 50 question multiple choice quiz on content from the BNC 111 slides and the Chemical Hygeine Plan with a 90% or better. Feel free to refer to these during the quiz, if needed.
    • Choose the most correct answer to each question.
    • The quiz may be retaken once, if needed. 
    • If you fail to obtain an 90% after a second attempt on the quiz, your submission must be manually reset. Email Ron Reger ( with the subject line "BNC 111 Quiz Reset" to setup a meeting to discuss any points of confusion and reset your submission.
  • 3/5: LSF Completion

    Challenge Type: Task and E-Signature

    Through, complete the Purdue - University Lab Safety Fundamentals 2021 (LSF) online training parts 1-4, take the fundamentals exam, and pass with a minimum of 80%. Please first read the LSF description from REM here, which explains how to setup a VividLMS account and has important browser information (they recommend you use Internet Explorer, and some users have reported problems getting part 2 completion to register if Internet Explorer is not used).

    Once you've received your Record of Completion (similar to that shown here), click the "Begin this Challenge!" button to certify that you have done so.

    IMPORTANT: You will later need to upload the Record of Completion to Passport as part of Challenge #4: Upload of this badge.

  • 4/5: 111 - Upload

    Challenge Type: Task and Upload

    Upload three documents to this challenge:

    1. Complete, sign, and upload the Lab-Specific Training Certification form on page 87 (Appendix A) of the Chemical Hygeine Plan.
    2. Upload the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Record of Completion (similar to that shown here) earned in Challenge #3: LSF Completion of this badge.
    3. Using the instructions below, upload a screenshot of your "Lab Access and Store Room Purchase request" from iLab so that your account information is in Birck's iLab system. 
      1. Setup an iLab account (if you have not already done so).​
      2. Submit a Lab Access and Store Room purchase request
      3. After your Lab Access and Store Room purchase request has been submitted in iLab, save and upload to this challenge a screenshot of the BRK Utility Core confirmation page that loads by default (The screenshot should look similar to the image here). This page can be found by either:​

        1. Clicking on the "View My Requests" tab within the BRK Utility Core

        2. Navigating there directly (once signed into iLab):

    Your submission will be reviewed by BNC staff. You will receive an email notifying you this challenge has been completed when it has been reviewed and approved.

  • 5/5: 111 - Meeting

    Challenge Type: Open Text and In-Person

    Once your submission to Challenge #4:  111 - Upload has been approved, schedule a time slot at an open BNC 111 session (Thursdays at 10:00 AM). Here you will be introduced to BNC Engineering Manager Ron Reger and BNC Safety Manager Steve Jurss, have a chance to ask any questions or dicuss any concerns you may have, and be asked to demonstrate your understanding of BNC emergency and safety procedures.

    After you have earned all prerequisite badges and completed all previous challenges for this badge, begin this challenge to see scheduling instructions.