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Analyze Technologies

Analyze Technologies

Christopher Christopher Hernandez earned this badge on Mar 31, 2020

Analyze the characteristics of existing and emerging technologies and their potential use


  • Analyze the characteristics of existing and emerging technologies and their potential use

    Submit evidence of describing emerging technologies and evaluating the benefits and limitations of the tool’s usage.

    • Examples include: Course discussions on emerging techs (EDCI 577, EDCI 568, EDCI 564), Final EDCI 513 paper if focused on the use of a technology, artifacts showing benefits/limitations of tool usage or selection (design, performance, workplace, educational, other).    

    For the challenge: “Analyze the characteristics of existing and emerging technologies and their potential use” I am submitting my work-related podcast about the emergence of technology and the importance of media literacy.

                Technology is evolving at an ever-growing pace. Students now have access to a multitude of different sources of information that is presented to them at their fingertips. But, with all this emerging technology, how are we supposed to differentiate fact from fiction? On this podcast episode of the Rebecca Listener, I speak about the importance of media literacy in both special and typical education. I discuss how the internet has the power to spread disinformation and quickly. It is also discussed how we might teach our students to question what they see and read on the internet. I also provide valid sources of learning for young students.

                The purpose of explaining media literacy is because there are benefits and limitations regarding using emerging technologies. As I explain in the artifact, web browsers are a evolving technology that many people use to read stories and connect online. Over the years web browsers have become more sophisticated in that they have integrated technologies that block suspicious websites, cookies, and other types of malicious data. However, they can not distinguish between a real and questionable news source. So, this is left up to the user and as time has proven, many individuals lack the ability to distinguish real and fake news from one another.

                Media literacy is something I’ve been working with for the past year. I’ve been working with a post 21 special needs program and teaching these older students how to navigate the internet and use its tools that are at their disposal. Many of these tools include email, web browsers, the Microsoft suite, and much more. Over time, my students aren’t the only one’s learning, I too am growing in my experience. I am becoming more aware of emerging technologies and how I will teach students how to effectively navigate and use it.

                What I hope to become better at in the future is collecting my thoughts better. It took me a while to collect my thoughts and really get into the theme of the podcast. I feel that I am getting better at this as time goes on, but it’s always first few minutes of talking into the microphone that continues to be the most daunting.

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