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LDT Online: Wix

LDT Online: Wix

Alicia Marie Alicia Marie King earned this badge on Mar 27, 2018

Wix is a flash-based website builder tool used to create your own website, blog or online store.  There are a variety of templates that can be used for blog, business, portfolio, etc.


  • Wix as a tool

    Reflect on the various ways that Wix could be used in the educational, training, or personal learning environments. From your selected perspective, describe two different examples where Wix could be integrated and used. In both cases, explain why Wix could positively impact learning.

    Use the open text area to submit your reflective response. As a suggestion, you may want to first compose your response in a word processed document, check for all editing that needs to be completed, save your response so that you can access it later, if needed, and then copy and paste your response in the open text area for this challenge.


    I have used Wix as a student to make a profile on an experience that I had. This was an interesting assignment. We updated it regularly. I could see this being great in higher Ed. However, I think with a great teacher, this could be used on many different levels even down to middle school.


    Wix could also be used professionally to showcase your work or to promote yourself. They are easy to make and can be very professional. It is one of the best website builders for portfolios in my opinion. I enjoy using Wix and could see myself using WIx as a way to showcase lessons and products that I have made as a teacher.

  • Using Wix

    Step-by-step instructions for completing this challenge

    1. Review these Wix tutorials
    2. Go to the Wix website and create an account or login to get started.
    3. Set up your website by:
      • Selecting a template or you can design from scratch. Make sure if you use a template to delete all template elements you don't use or that are not related to your new websites theme.
      • Changing your username. This is useful because your site url will be http://USERNAME.wix.com/SITENAME.
      • Giving your site a relevant name.
    4. Create at least 3 pages in addition to the home page.
      • One of the additional pages should be an Announcements page with at least 2 posts. Create the Announcements page using the List Builder tool.
      • The new pages should be on the appropriate navigation levels (i.e. a top level page or a sub-page). Your Announcements page will most likely be a top level page but doesn’t have to be.
      • Wix templates come built with many sub-pages. Be sure to delete any extra pages you are not using.
      • **These pages need to be edited
    5. Make sure your overall website contains each of these elements:
      • Set up your website, if needed, by using titles, appropriate heading formats, and line spacing to organize your text and create clear navigation on each page.
        • At least 1 heading must be used somewhere on the site. When appropriate, use sub-headings. Heading sizes for each level should be consistent throughout the site. Extra spacing between sections should be used when needed. Those who view the page should be able to understand the organization of a page instantly.
        • The body of your text should be aligned left most of the time. Avoid centered text, except possibly for captions and titles. However, even for captions and title, left aligned text will often look better. Occasionally right aligned text is appropriate.
        • Include a navigation bar that is present on every page. It should provide easy and intuitive navigation through your pages.
      • Add an additional button that links to another page or piece of media (e.g. video) on your site. This button should be different than any pre-existing template buttons.
      • Include at least 3-5 relevant images.
      • Include at least 1 relevant link to another site within the content of one of your pages. 
      • Add at least 1 social link with an icon to your site in an appropriate location.  The social link should link to your social media account, that of your school, or some other relevant account.
      • Add at least 1 social feed to your site. Go to "add apps" on the left toolbar and choose any social app appropriate for your site. A social feed will show recent content from a social media account on your webpage.
      • Embed an appropriate video (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo) into your site. Embedding means that you can actually view the site right from within your website. 
      • Embed at least 1 Google document, presentation, spreadsheet, or form. The privacy settings on the embedded content should allow it to be viewable on the page (generally the settings should be set to public).
      • Embed one additional piece of content to your site. There are many options in the app market. Consider: a forum, blog, survey etc.   
    6. Publish your site using the "publish" button on the top right.
    7. Attach the link to your publised website as your submission for this challenge level.

    Criteria for successful completion of this challenge

    1. Deliverables have been uploaded in the appropriate format, with all the required items described (see below), and are fully accessible by the grader.
    2. Wix site demonstrates professionalism in the following ways:
      • Navigation is logical. It is easy for a user to navigate the site and find the information they are looking for.
      • Organization of pages are neat and clear. They are immediately understood by user.
      • Site looks professional. The colors, fonts, background enhance your content rather than distract from it.
      • The content delivers clear, concise, focused information about the teaching experiences, capabilities and skills of the site author.

    Deliverables for this challenge

    For sucessful completion of this challenge please submit link to your published website that meets all criteria cited above and is fully accessible (e.g. publised) to the grader.

    Don't forget professionalism: Is your navigation clear, user-friendly, and logical? Does all content (e.g. media and content) deliver a cohesive focused experience for the user? Do all links and buttons work and navigate correctly?