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LDT Online: SoundCloud

LDT Online: SoundCloud

Alicia Marie Alicia Marie King earned this badge on Jan 18, 2018

SoundCloud allows for the recording, uploading, and playback of audio recordings.  This is a simple way to create short audio podcasts and quickly share them.  


  • SoundCloud as a tool

    Reflect on the various ways that SoundCloud could be used in the educational, training, or personal learning environments. From your selected perspective, describe two different examples where SoundCloud could be integrated and used. In both cases, explain why SoundCloud could positively impact learning.

    Use the open text area to submit your reflective response. As a suggestion, you may want to first compose your response in a word processed document, check for all editing that needs to be completed, save your response so that you can access it later, if needed, and then copy and paste your response in the open text area for this challenge.

    This would be perfect for students to record themselves practicing a new language or giving an oral book report. They could record themselves to practice or save it and send it off to a teacher or a professor to grade. This would be great for students who also are working on speaking but are having a difficult time speaking in front of an audience.

    This also could be heavily used in music classrooms as well. Demonstrations of parts in a song, whether vocal or instrument, would be great for beginning students or working over long distances. Video production could also benefit from this tool as well. Narration or songs could be recorded separately and be ready to overlay on a video.

    This could be used by educators to share tips or directions on tricky subjects that could use additional sources.
  • Using SoundCloud

    Step-by-step instructions for completing this challenge

    1. Review these SoundCloud tutorials​
    2. Go to the SoundCloud website (https://soundcloud.com) to get started
    3. Create an account -- Create your account with SoundCloud including a profile picture and other relevant information.
    4. Plan a podcast about a relevant educational topic. 
      1. Review this information about creating effective podcasts
      2. Review the attached article "Instructional Podcasting" by Lou Gettis.
    5. Create/design/write a script for your podcast.
      1. Based on the information provided in the Gettis article, create a script about instructional podcasting. Your podcast should explain the value of instructional podcasting from your personal perspective.
      2. The script should be concise (between 2-4 minutes when read aloud), interesting, and relevant. Review the script to make sure what you are saying is clear, useful and professional. 
      3. Professionalism -- the content of your podcast needs to be considered.  Review the script to make sure what you are saying is clear, useful and professional. Use a quality microphone and find a quiet (no background noise) place to record. Make sure you practice.
    6. Produce your podcast
      1. Record -- Using SoundCloud record the podcast.
    7. Upload podcast -- Add a picture, title, description, and tags to your podcast in SoundCloud.
    8. Submit the following:
      • An attached word document of your podcast script
      • link (provided in SoundCloud) to your podcast  

    * This list of tasks was adapted from the work of R. West, D. Randall (2014) and their colleagues at Brigham Young University (iptedtec.org).  Permission was granted for the use of this list of tasks.

    Criteria for successful completion of this challenge

    • All deliverables have been conscientiously uploaded as described below and are fully accessible by the grader.
    • Completed podcast displays artfulness and professionalism through the following:
      • Content of podcast is meaningful and coherent
      • Vocal delivery is professional and smooth
      • Production quality is smooth (no major gaps, breaks, or technical issues)

    Deliverables for this challenge

    1. link to your completed podcast on your SoundCloud account, with the following items associated:
      • Thumbnail/picture
      • Podcast title
      • Podcast description
      • Relevant tags for your podcast
    2. file of the notes/script for your podcast narration.        

    Don't forget professionalism! Make sure the content of your podcast is coherent and logically organized, the vocal delivery is smooth, and final video production is smooth and clear.

    Podcast script.docx Podcast script.docx