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LDT Online: Socrative

LDT Online: Socrative

Alicia Marie Alicia Marie King earned this badge on Jun 28, 2017

Socrative is a tool that allows you to create formative assessments that immediately measures and visualizes student results. Students respond to Socrative questions (true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and open-response) with a computer, tablet, or phone over the internet. Socrative then provides the teacher with various types of reports on students’ performance. 


  • Socrative as a tool

    Reflect on the various ways that Socrative could be used in the educational, training, or personal learning environments. From your selected perspective, describe two different examples where Socrative could be integrated and used. In both cases, explain why Socrative could positively impact learning.

    Use the open text area to submit your reflective response. As a suggestion, you may want to first compose your response in a word processed document, check for all editing that needs to be completed, save your response so that you can access it later, if needed, and then copy and paste your response in the open text area for this challenge.

    I use socrative as a review game. The students love to play review games after a unit of study. I can also add explanations to help them understand any mistakes they might have made. This also give me feedback as to what I need to address more. I love how I have the ability to pace the review. For whole class review I will usually teacher pace the Quiz.

    You can also use socrative as an assessment piece. If I create a test or quiz on Socrative I usually then create it to be student paced so the learner does not feel rushed. Vocabulary quizzes are usually what I use to give quizzes on Socrative. You can get feedback instantly on a student or class to help guide your future instruction.
  • Using Socrative

    Step-by-step instructions for completing this challenge 

    1. Review these Socrative tutorials
    2. Go to the Socrative website and follow prompts to set up your account and login information. 
    3. After you are done registering change from the Dashboard view to Manage Quizzes near the top left of the screen.
    4. Select ‘Create a Quiz.’
    5. Create a Socrative Quiz that contains the following elements:
      • Choose a relevant educational topic for your quiz.
      • Name your quiz.
      • Create your quiz:
        • Your quiz needs to have 5 questions- 2 multiple choice, 2 true/false, and 1 short answer.
          • *Be aware- it seems that though you can select a multiple choice question to have more than one correct answer, when the students take the quiz it will count all answers as incorrect. Consequently, make each question has only 1 correct answer.
        • Add an ‘Explanation’ for each answer for all 5 questions.
        • Change the formatting (underlinebolditalics, etc) for at least part of 1 question.
    6. Share your quiz. On the top right of the screen there will be a toggle and code that allow you to share your quiz. Make sure the toggle is on (pushed to the right) and write down the code (you will need it later).
    7. Save your quiz and Exit.
      • After you exit the quiz you will be taken back to the Dashboard view. To preview your quiz follow these steps:
        1. Select ‘Start a Quiz’
        2. Select the quiz you just created
        3. Make sure ‘Student Paced- Immediate Feedback’ is selected and push ‘Start’
        4.  At the top of the screen there will be Room: (Name)
        5.  Go to Socrative Student on a smartphone, tablet, or pull it up in a new window on your computer
        6.  Enter your room name
        7.  Enter your name
        8. Take your quiz. Make sure your quiz is working and free of errors. After you answer each question, take a look at what happens on your teacher account.
        9.  If you need to make changes, go back, fix the errors, then start the quiz again.
        10. When you’ve finished taking your quiz, select ‘Finish’ on your teacher account. Select all options for reports: whole class Excel, individual student(s) pdf, and question specific pdf
        11.  E-mail, Download, or Google Drive the reports to yourself.
        12. View these reports to get a feel for them.
        13. Attached copies of these reports to this challenge level. Remember if you use Google Drive to give your instructor access or attach links that are accessilble.
        14.  On step 5 you copied down the share code for your quiz. Insert that code in the open text area.  The grader will use the code to review your quiz.  If you forgot the code, go to ‘Manage My Quizzes’ – ‘My Quizzes’ – select your quiz – ‘Edit’ – the share quiz code will be in the top right corner.

    Deliverables for this challenge

    For successful completion of this challenge please submit the quiz code to the open text box and ensure all reports are attached and viewable by the grader. Don't forget the quiz should include the following:

    • At least 5 questions focused on an appropriate educational topic.
      • 2 quiz questions are multiple choice
      • 2 quiz questions are true/false
      • 1 quiz question is short answer
    • All 5 quiz questions contain an Explanation for the answer.
    • At least 1 question has some sort of formatting change (underlinebolditalics, etc).
    Quiz Code: SOC-29071609
    Class_06_25_2017__18_24_QZ_digitalliteracy.xlsx Class_06_25_2017__18_24_QZ_digitalliteracy.xlsx
    Question_06_25_2017__18_24_QZ_digitalliteracy.pdf Question_06_25_2017__18_24_QZ_digitalliteracy.pdf
    Student_Alicia 3_06_25_2017__18_24_digitalliteracy.pdf Student_Alicia 3_06_25_2017__18_24_digitalliteracy.pdf