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Welcome to EDCI 56000-Online

Welcome to EDCI 56000-Online

Alicia Marie Alicia Marie King earned this badge on Mar 3, 2018

The purposes of this Welcome badge include the following: 

  1. It gives us a chance to give you a vision of what this course is all about and how you will proceed through the course;
  2. It provides an overview of Passport and how badges are accessed, reviewed, completed, and awarded; 
  3. It is an opportunity for you to experience working within the digital badge environment, learning how challenges are addressed, and how responses are submitted;
  4. It offers a means whereby you can introduce yourself and we can get to know you a bit better; and 
  5. It gives you the chance to develop and try out your screencasting skills.


  • The 560 Vision

    Complete each of the following:

    1. In your Blackboard course, access and study the EDCI 560 course syllabus and schedule and any related videos discussing those items (e.g., note screencasts in the Precourse Week).
    2. Successfully answer the quiz questions that have been given about the syllabus.  You can use the syllabus and schedule to help answer the questions and you can take the quiz multiple times.
  • Passport digital badges

    In order to complete this challenge:

    1. To help you understand what digital badges actually are, read the attached article, "Show me your badge" from The New York Times (Carey, Nov. 2012).
    2. Review this video to learn more about Passport and how the badge system works.​ *If the embedded video does not play properly, use this link to view the video directly:  Passport
    3. To learn about various technologies, we have designed a large number of badges into categories based on type of function (e.g., Presentation type technologies, Video editing type technologies, Research type technologies).  Several different badges will be available for each of the various categories.  You will select from the list of badges in the different categories.  Each of the EDCI 56000 badges are designed to do 3 things:

      • present information, instruction, and examples to you – so you know what it is you are to study and learn;
      • list all requirements that you need to accomplish; and
      • offer a way to submit your completed work, receive feedback about your work, and provide a means for your work to be updated and resubmitted.
    4. Here is a video where  Dr. Newby walks you through the process of accessing a specific badge within the LDT Online Passport group.  Your EDCI 560 group may look at tad bit different from the LDT Online group (because we keep adding new badges) shown here, but how you work on your badges within Passport will be exactly the same as demonstrated.  

    1. Review all of the badges that are available within your EDCI 56000 (see Appendix A of the course syllabus for a description of each of the badges).
    2. From the list of badges, select one (or more) badge(s) you feel will be useful to you now or in the near future.  In the open text space briefly (2 or 3 sentences) describe the badge and how its acquisition could be of value to you.  Make sure you proofread your written response. Closely check for correct grammar and spelling. 

    Articulate and Captivate: I have now seen a module created using articulate and I would like to have the chance to know the tool better. As an educator in a district that is pushing for more elearning, I think it will be beneficial to be aware and well-versed in different online module tools. Captivate also is a tool of interest to me.

    Evernote and Diigo: I enjoy curating resources with tools such as Symbaloo and Pocket. However, I have not had a chance to explore Diigo and Evernote. I know of them, but have not worked with them. As an educator, it is so much fun to find good resources! However, these tools will help me keep my findings more organized and allow me to keep them in a safe place until I can use them in a lesson. I can also share valuable tools with other educators as well with most of these tools. Sharing resources within a certain community is beneficial for so many.
  • Introduce yourself

    To complete this challenge, you must:

    1. Create a document that contains a) a picture of yourself, b) your name, and c) a picture that represents an important part of your life (e.g., your family, your pet, your diploma, your office building, your school classroom, your Mercedes, etc. etc.)
    2. Create a short (less than 60 seconds) screencast of the document with your voice narration introducing yourself, describing where your are in the program (i.e., how many semesters into the program or that you still have to go), and a short explanation of "an important part of your life" picture.  
    3. Save the screencast to YouTube, or some similar site, and submit the link to complete this challenge.

    NOTE: If you don't know what a screencast is or how to create one, then click on the following links. You will quickly find a variety of uses for these easy to use applications. You will be using screencasts throughtout this course - so it is time to learn what they are and how to create them.