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LDT Online: Mindmeister

LDT Online: Mindmeister

Alicia Marie Alicia Marie King earned this badge on Mar 27, 2018

Mindmeister allows you to brainstorm and collaboratively create mind maps. It provides a visual communication platform that allows you to visualize your thinking. The map can highlight how items/concepts are related and linked, as well as include pictures, links, audio clips, videos, etc.


  • Mindmeister as a tool

    Reflect on the various ways that Mindmeister could be used in the educational, training, or personal learning environments. From your selected perspective, describe two different examples where Mindmeister could be integrated and used.  In both cases, explain why Mindmeister could positively impact learning.

    Use the open text area to submit your reflective response.  As a suggestion, you may want to first compose your response in a word processed document, check for all editing that needs to be completed, save your response so that you can access it later, if needed, and then copy and paste your response in the open text area for this challenge.

    MindMeister is a great tool for students to use to make webs on certain topics. I also enjoy the presentation tool. This would be a great alternative for students to use if an IEP or 504 limited presentations. This would also be great for a student to use if they were in an e-learning setting to present to an instructor from far away.


    This would also be a very interactive web choice for a teacher. The ability to assign activities and topics is also great for an a teacher. This would make a it a great activity or resource in an e-learning setting. This could be a required tool for all students to manipulate and use, or it could be a beneficial resource for remediation.

  • Using Mindmeister

    Step-by-step instructions for completing this challenge 

    1. Review these Mindmeister tutorials
    2. Go to the Mindmeister website (www.mindmeister.com) to get started
    3. Complete each of the following*:
      • Create a main topic with at least 5 relevant points branching off of it.  The main topic should be something relevant to your course theme
      • Create at least one relevant connection between topics using an arrow.
      • Add at least 1 relevant video to your map (e.g., a video related to your course theme)
      • Add at least 1 relevant link to a website to your map
      • Add at least 1 relevant image or icon to your map
      • Add at least 1 relevant note to the map
      • Add at least 1 task with appropriate completion, priority, and due date
      • Create a presentation of your mind map in Mindmeister that includes at least 5 slides and 2 transition types.  This presentation must demonstrate your completion of each of this challenge requirements explained above.
      • Create a screencast of your presentation
      • Insert a link to your screencast in the "Link" area below.

    * This list of tasks was adapted from the work of R. West, D. Randall (2014) and their colleagues at Brigham Young University (iptedtec.org).  Permission was granted for the use of this list of tasks.

    Criteria for successful completion of this challenge

    1. Deliverables have been uploaded in the appropriate format, with all the required items described (see below), and are fully accessible by the grader.
    2. Screencast demonstrates professionalism in the following ways:
      • Narration is clear and coherent
      • Movements on screen highlight/complement narration
    3. Mind map (seen through Screencast) demonstrates professionalism in the following ways:
      • Content of mindmap is nontrivial
      • Design of mindmap helps clearly communicate concepts
      • Appearance of mindmap is neat and professional

    Deliverables for this challenge

    1.  1 link to a screencast of your Mindmeister presentation, which shows that you have implemented the following functionalities:
      • 1 main topic with 5 relevant points
      • Connection between branches with an arrow
      • 1 video added
      • 1 link added
      • 1 image added
      • 1 note added
      • 1 task added
      • Presentation with 5 slides and 2 transitions

    NOTE: If you don't know what a screencast is or how to create one, then click on the following links. You will quickly find a variety of uses for these easy to use applications.