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560 Online - Interactive Module

560 Online - Interactive Module

Alicia Marie Alicia Marie King earned this badge on Apr 25, 2018

This badge will concentrate on designing, developing, producing and evaluating an interactive module of instruction.  The module will consist of a variety of instructional activities that orient, motivate, engage, and assess, as well as provide the instructional materials to the learners.  The completed module will: 

  • have content selected by the developer based on his/her need, expertise, desire, etc., 
  • successfully integrate various forms of technology in the design, development, and implementation process, and
  • will be designed to be self-instructional.

Purpose:  This badge offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your instructional design capabilities as you plan and create the instructional module.  It will require your expertise in the use of various technologies to investigate, design, and deliver the module, as well as the ability to select and integrate the proper technologies to engage and assess the learning of your audience.

To give you a solid idea of what this interactive module is all about, watch this screencast and I will walk you through an example from education.  Here the target audience is 9th grade English students and the focus of the module is on Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Here is another screencast of a module that is more focused on a training audience (food safety).  

Background Scenario:  Recently you began the process of looking for a new instructional design position.  To prepare for eventual interviews, you want to be able to demonstrate your design capabilities, as well as your ability to select and integrate various forms of technology within the design and implementation processes.  

For the potential interviews, you decide to develop a self-instructional module that demonstrates your design capabilities. The content of your module is based on a topic of your choice but it will be something that your potential employer can review and use on his own (without you being present) and it will demonstrate your design skills, as well as your ability to integrate various forms of technology in an effective manner. 


  • IM Background
    1. Review the case background for this module. 
    2. Brainstorm and select a content topic for your module.   
    3. Review the attached 560 Background Template, and gather the needed information.
    4. Answer the questions on the template for each of the major sections (Content, Target Audience, Objectives, and Primary Mode of Delivery). In each of the response boxes on the template, fully describe answers to the related questions for that section.
    5. Save the completed template and submit it to this challenge as an attachment.

    Criteria for successful completion of this challenge:

    • Template has been filled out completely and uploaded in the appropriate format.
    • Responses to each of the major sections of the template are well written and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
    • Target users/learners are thoroughly analyzed and clearly described.
    • Objectives are written with specific performances and conditions.  Criteria are included as needed.
    • The primary delivery platform has been strategically selected based on the content, learners, and objectives.

    Deliverables for this challenge

    • An attached, fully completed 560 IM Background Template
    King_A_560 - IM Background Template.docx King_A_560 - IM Background Template.docx
  • The IM Outline
    1. Review the attached reading by Newby, Stepich, Lehman & Russell (2011).  It discusses instructional activities (i.e., motivation, orientation, information, application, evaluation).  These activities will be helpful as you begin the next steps in the design of your interactive module.  
    2. Review the Interactive Module Background Template that you filled out for Challenge 1 of this badge.  This information will be integrated and used within this challenge.
    3. Access the Interactive Module Planning Template (attached) and using your background information from Challenge 1 fill it out thoroughly.  Note that completing this appropriately will require you to create an outline of each of the main points and sub-points of each of your module's objectives.  You need to use full sentences and clearly describe each point in your outline.  In addition, for each point in your outline you will need to identify and describe your:
    • instructional planning (i.e., what the learner will "do", what activities/strategies will be given, etc. and whether each of those activities are passive, interactive, or creative for your learners). 
    • technology integration (i.e., what tech tools you will use to accomplish your objectives and teach the content in ways that promote interactivity and creativity).
    • assessment methods and tools (i.e., what methods and tools you will use to monitor performance and assess the accomplishment of your objectives by your learners). 

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  The IM must contain several key elements that involve the integration of technology.  Consider the following:

    1. One or more instructional videos that you have created and edited.  These can be used to introduce a specific topic, give directions, explanations, examples or demonstrations, or even introduce some scenario for the learner to work through and apply. 
    2. One or more linked/embedded YouTube video(s) (generally these are videos created by someone else, posted on YouTube and you can access and link into your IM) that may be integrated to provide background material, examples, demonstrations, etc. for your learner to watch and learn from.
    3. Some type of learner assessment.  Basically, this assessment will be where the student can demonstrate that he/she has learned from what was presented in the IM materials.  This may be some questions presented to the student that require the student to respond.  For example, this may be completed by using technology such as Google Forms or Quizlet.  A different approach may be to integrate questions within a YouTube video or within a video you have created. This can be done through the use of an app such as EdPuzzle.  You may also desire to create this assessment within your primary delivery mode (e.g., set up multiple choice questions with feedback within PPT or Prezi).  This assessment may occur as the student is working through the module (formative assessment, that lets them know how they are doing at that moment) or it may be a more summative assessment that comes toward the end of the module to show what they have gained from working through the full module.  Your assessment can be either of these types or a combination of the two.

    4.  Create a screencast of your completed IM Planning Template.  In the screencast, show each of the key elements of your outline and explain why you have selected the activities and tools for each of the main points of your outline.


    Your IM Planning Template was fully completed and it is written in a professional manner with few (if any) grammatical or spelling mistakes.  Within your completed IM Planning Template:

    • Your IM target audience was identified and all relevant learner characteristics were fully described.
    • Your IM outline was created in full sentences and it describes all objectives and their main points and all sub-points. 
    • The outline also includes the instructional planning (activities/strategies of what the learners will be doing), the technology and assessment tools that will be used and clear descriptions of the level of interactivity that should be achieved.  

    A screencast that is clearly presented describing each point of the IM outline and explaining the selection and use of various tools.


    • A completed IM Planning Template has been attached to this challenge.  
    • A link to a screencast explaining the completed IM Planning Template.
    Items in red within my background document are items that I haven't decided which I'm using. It is primarily a decision between using Storyline and Powerpoint. I am out of town for a family emergency and haven't had a chance to start development to make the choice. However, the choice won't affect my module activities or assessments. 
    King_A_ 560_Interactive_Module_Planning_Template.docx King_A_ 560_Interactive_Module_Planning_Template.docx
  • IM Development
      https://www.openpassport.org/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/magicline/images/icon.png";) center no-repeat #ff0000; color: #fff; cursor: pointer; display: block; font-size: 0px; height: 17px; line-height: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; right: 17px; top: -1px; width: 17px; z-index: 9999">↵
    1. Closely review your IM plan and outline completed in the previous challenge.  Also review closely the IM Full Rubric (attached) for this challenge.
    2. Using your outline as a guide, begin to develop your module.  Generally, you will begin this process by starting within your selected delivery mode (e.g., if you selected website as your key delivery mode, you will begin by developing a basic website).  As you develop specific information, learner engagement activities, instructional videos, examples, etc. you will then embed and/or link those within your selected key delivery mode. 
    3. Continue to use your outline as a guide and develop all of your materials for the IM. 
    4. Make sure you include clear directions (NOTE:  Remember, this is self-instructional, so those using it will need explicit guidance on what they are to learn and how they should navigate through this learning experience). 
    5. Also, make sure you integrate technology that enhances learner engagement, as well as learner understanding of what and how they should learn from this IM.
    6. Submit your final version (this submission will be based on the type of delivery mode you selected (e.g., for a PPT, it will be the PPT itself; however, if it is a website, it will be a link to the site).
    7. In the open text area, describe what the IM will be (i.e., primary delivery mode) and the basic content/topic of your IM.


    Your final IM was created in a professional manner including its format, appearance, grammar, and spelling.  It works well as a self-instructional module and it guides the learner successfully through all elements of the module.  All directions are easy to follow and all links/action buttons, etc. work appropriately.  

    The completed IM integrates technology effectively to engage, guide, and assess the learner. 

    The learning objectives are accomplished through the use of the IM.


    • A copy of your final IM – this may be a document (e.g., PPT) or a link (e.g., Prezi, website) depending on your primary mode of delivery.
    This is a PowerPoint based module. It is called "Hamilton vs. History" and is designed for middle school students. This is a module that is being used to compare the musical phenomenon, "Hamilton" to the actual events of the American Revolution. This is not meant to be a unit used to teach the American Revolution, but an additional unit to extend foundational instruction that has already been taught. 
    Hamilton vs. History.pptx Hamilton vs. History.pptx